Pic-Solution-Mister-8-Micro-Piston-Aerosol 60,51 EUR*


  • Kategorie: Arznei- & Heilmittel
  • Preis: 60,51 EUR*
  • Ersparnis gegenüber UVP: 10,10 EUR (14,30%)
  • Marke: ARTSANA SpA
  • EAN: 0000974641704
  • Händler: Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
    Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
Zum Angebot Pic Solution Mister 8 Micro Piston Aerosol Mister 8 micro piston aerosol is equipped with a unique design, nice and engaging but also practical thanks to the accessory compartment. It is a micro piston aerosol therapy device designed and produced...